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Volunteer Descriptions

We have a number of volunteer opportunities available. If you have something to offer that isn't captured here, please feel free to contact us. We are open to new ideas!


Monday to Friday we receive perishable food items that we want to distribute as quickly as possible. Our table volunteers meet clients and walk through the available donations helping them to understand what we have available.


Our drivers go out each morning to collect donations from our local partners and bring them back to the food bank. They will often work with our receiving team to make sure that our donations are properly processed.


We receive donations daily from the community as well as from our local partners. The receiving team helps to weigh it so we can report back to our donors and organize it so that it can be distributed efficiently.


It is important for us to maintain a healthy environment for our clients, as well as for our staff and other volunteers.


Sometimes we receive donations of bulk items that we need to break down into smaller more manageable containers for our clients who may be walking or taking public transportation.


We distribute free clothing for people who are in need, but when we receive donations they need to be organized, maintained, and having someone who knows our inventory can be a great support for vulnerable people in need of assistance.


During COVID we have had volunteers assembling hampers based on a questionnaire, but we look forward to having people come in and 'shop' for their own hampers again. Our volunteers support that process, making sure that the shelves are stocked and that our clients have a clear sense of what is available.


It's always helpful to have a few extra hands around who can jump in and provide additional support in a number of areas as listed above.

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